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Lab Testing Equipment
March 10th, 2015Uncategorizedadmin 0 Comments

Innovated development model and architected subsequent hardware/software frame work for rapid implementation of computerized measurement control and automation related applications. Example modules include: Eight Channel dual temperature humidity sensor probe module as depicted. Multi channel load cell modules, perfect for platform scales with four or more load cells. Pressure transducers for pneumatic and hydraulic driven […]

Electric Motor Testing
August 22nd, 2011Uncategorizedadmin 0 Comments

Abstract Links to University Website Due to the growing need to reduce pollution and save money on gasoline, electric and hybrid electric vehicle development is a clear and proven trend for the world’s future vehicles. To further stimulate hybrid vehicle growth, intercollegiate competitions, like the Formula Hybrid Competition have been established. For a masters thesis […]

Gas Engine Testing
August 22nd, 2011Uncategorizedadmin 0 Comments

Using an eddy current dynamometer, studies and tests were performed on the Suzuki GSXR 600 engine during the fall 2010 semester. This information is desired because this model engine is used in many Formula SAE entries at The Cooper Union. Studies included both steady state and transient engine characterization tests. Many types of software and […]

Advanced Vehicle (Chariot)
August 22nd, 2011Uncategorizedadmin 0 Comments

Worked with two others in a team called SPUTR (Sustainable Personal Urban Transport) designing an advanced hybrid vehicle. For senior project electives fall 08, spring 09, and eventually lead into to a masters thesis. Primary contribution is designing a viable drive train with the aid of various design tools such as a MATLAB®/Simulink® plug-in called […]

Think2Build Internship
September 15th, 2011Uncategorizedadmin 0 Comments

In the summer of 2008, I was a Mechanical Design and Prototyping Intern at Think2Build LLC. in San Francisco California. While there i served the following functions: Designed and completed implementation of a prototyping lab used in manufacture of products featured in Popular Science, NBC’s The Office, and Inc 500’s 7 New Technology Marvels. Refurbishing […]

Fluent Simulations
August 24th, 2011Uncategorizedadmin 0 Comments

Many Fluent simulations performed during spring semester 09. Shown here are the results of a simulation performed used to determine the validity of a flat tube radiator design. Modeled here is half of a flat tube and half the air space in between tubes with the fins in that air space. Later Fluent projects involved […]

Mobile Autonomous Robot
August 22nd, 2011Uncategorizedadmin 0 Comments

Developed with team November-2008 for a course on Mobile Autonomous Robots. Design elements included lots of wiring harness for modular multi deck design, IR-Rangefinders, other sensors, custom wheel encoders, outer body, component housing, leaf spring pong ball launcher, pick programming, H-bridges, PWM. Robot designed and programmed to perform in competition. Functions include targeting opponent and […]

Stealth Sumo Robot
August 22nd, 2011Uncategorizedadmin 0 Comments

Robot constructed during the spring 08 semester. Designed with a partner to perform in contest where the robot must autonomously stay inside a ring and knock out opponents. Major contributions include fabrication of the very light weight sleek aluminum body, casting tires, fabricating wheels, selecting motors, selecting sensors, wiring PIC, general packaging and wire harnessing. […]

Spray Painting Robot
August 24th, 2011Uncategorizedadmin 0 Comments

The purpose of this project was to create a working prototype of a robot that could spray paint lines on the ground via remote. It was built for a course titled principals of design during the semester of spring 06, and took about 100 hours to build with the assistance of two other students. My […]

Competition Robot
August 24th, 2011Uncategorizedadmin 0 Comments

Mechanically complex robot built to compete in the New York State Regional Science Olympiad competition called “Robot Ramble” in February 2003 and again in February 2004, took about 500+ hours to build. Contest involved picking up objects on a playing field and placing these objects in a box that was bigger then the allowed starting […]