Organizer design is one of my specialties. Optimizing spaces for storage whether intended to store building materials and hardware or clothing and towels is critical in any facility where organization is needed and/or square footage comes at a premium.

Here i have designed and built a set of space efficient bedroom closet organizer units for use in my high-end remodel during 2012-2013.

With design and construction, this project took about one week. Perfecting practical design and construction details that include veneering, wood jigs, and wood treatment

Key features include:

  • Wall mounted as to not hinder floor access for bags or shoe racks etc.. yet capable of holding an immense loading capacity with ease
  • Inch think old growth pine stair treads that are used as shelves
  • Two plank depth shelves and over 200 shelving pin holes per unit that allow you to configure the shelving storage scheme. This modular and user configurable storage arrangement can be used to help maximize storage/space efficiency.
  • 15 feet of closet rod in a 12 foot closet
  • LED lighting controlled via double rocker switch in middle (one switch for each closet light)
  • ┬áBi-fold, raised panel/louver doors
  • Premium pine trim work
  • All surfaces coated and finished with multiple coats of stain, sanding, and outdoor/indoor grade polyurethane



DSCF6295 DSCF6283