Custom Storage Unit

During an internship at Think2Build in San Francisco, this custom storage unit was designed and built. The unit had to provide very much storage space, while simultaneously appear pleasing to the eye. Units such as these can cost about four thousand dollars from a supplier such as Ikea. For less then half the price, this unit was both designed, and constructed.

The unit has four shelving units, each is about eight feet tall with six four by two foot shelves. That’s a lot of space! These shelving units where purchased, assembled and modified to accommodate utility lines and to be anchored securely into a brick wall. The facade with sliding handcrafted hollow core access doors was designed and built from scratch. A metal rail strategically tucked behind a piece of molding and suspended from a wooden frame mounted on top of the shelving units allows access doors to slide effortlessly.   Finally, the unit is painted and door hardware is chosen to match the space it is to be used in. Similar design and construction strategies can be applied to even larger units.