Electric Motor Testing

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Due to the growing need to reduce pollution and save money on gasoline, electric and hybrid electric vehicle development is a clear and proven trend for the world’s future vehicles. To further stimulate hybrid vehicle growth, intercollegiate competitions, like the Formula Hybrid Competition have been established. For a masters thesis during the semesters of fall 2010 threw spring 2011 drive-train components were sized and chosen using a combination of design tools such as hand calculations and computer simulations. Once a drivetrain design is set in stone, the drive system is built and tested in a test stand. Various computer programs, data acquisition devices, signal conditioners, sensors, relays, switches, and hardware including an eddy current dynamometer is used to help the test stand perform its functions. The test stand must control and measure the motor performance variables necessary for complete motor characterization such as speed, torque, voltage, and current. The test stand will serve future vehicle design efforts and student educational functions in the engine testing lab at The Cooper Union. Future endeavours for motor sporting at The Cooper Union include retrofitting this electric drivetrain onto a past Formula SAE car in order to compete in future Formula Hybrid Competitions.