Home Remodel

Remodel of Long Island home in 2012-2014.

Executed entire home remodel process with minimal assistance form others.

Honed a comprehensive mastery of skills in project planning, structural design/repair/restoration, electrical, pluming, windows and doors, insulation, drywall, arches, rounded edge corner beads, intricate trim work and designs, cabinets, sub-flooring, hard wood flooring, and even the furniture.

Home-making is so intricate that each project is a new opportunity to design and develop.

Greatest challenges included :

  • Severe structural termite damage requiring the construction of temporary support structures; needed to support structure while crucial load bearing beams are replaced
  • Construction so dated with drop ceiling, paneling, aluminum frame single pane sliding windows, and failing insulation, that a complete gutting and remodel was the only reasonable course of action
  • Cement slab and low ceilings (downstairs) requiring high tech low profile sub-floor design to support a beautiful hard wood floor with over four thousand planks of wood
  • Learning how to work with large cumbersome dimensionally imperfect building materials with no assistance form others
  •  Hurricane Sandy related work performed in addition to

Key features Features include:

  • Dimmable recessed LED lighting array in warm color temperature in every room with a ceiling fan at its center.
  • Strategically implemented three-way switches
  • Addition of many thicker-gauge, higher-amperage circuits to accommodate modern day electrical consumption
  • Many Outlets including custom designed (by me) all-in-one wall receptacles with duplex 120v outlets, Co-ax cable, and  rj45 ports for Tv and internet in every room.
  • Climate Control
  • Hardwood floors blind nailed with glue
  • Casement windows
  • Sliding patio doors
  • exterior composite trim design featuring flower boxes fluted plinth type pilasters cross heads, and masonry window sills.
  • Near air tight construction with the help of sound dampening dry wall construction adhesives, and newer insulation that obtains better insulating qualities while occupying the same amount of space
  • Meticulous attention to detail and design.

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