Insect like robot built as a hobby around the year 2000. This machine was birthed after many experimental designs, which used cell phone vibrator motors in an attempt to harness the vibrations into directional motion. This design is controlled via remote control lifted from a small R/C car. The remote control can activate either of the motors; the motors can be identified in the above pictures as the objects to which the counter weights are mounted. One motor would make the insect go forward right, the other would make the insect go forward left, and both would move the insect forward. A combination of motor placement and leg design is what makes this possible. Its leg design allows for a rocking motion that doesn’t allow the insect to slide back wards when it rocks backwards, however it can slide forward when it rocks forwards, and the offset of the motors from the center of the insect is what causes the left and right unbalance; Note that this insect can only move on a very smooth, and level surface. Since i designed this toy as a child, toy insects that use these operating principals have become common place.