Lab Testing Equipment

IMG_1989Innovated development model and architected subsequent hardware/software frame work for rapid implementation of computerized measurement control and automation related applications.

Example modules include:

  • Eight Channel dual temperature humidity sensor probe module as depicted.
  • Multi channel load cell modules, perfect for platform scales with four or more load cells.
  • Pressure transducers for pneumatic and hydraulic driven load testing applications.
  • Weather station module (fast sample rate and response time for humidity temp and barometric pressure).

Windows Tablet compatible graphing/data-logging/analysis application featuring:











  • Slide out tool bars that use all four edges of your screen
  • Graph tools, analysis tools, indicators, and a full save/save as/new/open file menu
  • Import/export to an from an array of file formats including XLS, CSV, SQLite, JPG, BMP, PNG,and PDF.
  • Data base optimizations allow you to pan and zoom though months or even years of data. More details resolve as you zoom in. Just like Google maps! This allows the application to be fast, responsive, and light weight without compromise on the scope of data collection
  • Offers superior performance and functionality over anything currently available in the industry for a truly unique experience

A large assortment of instrumentation including those to measure motion, vibration, flow rate, pressure, and displacement are currently under development.

Early Prototypes:

examle modules




 load cell

Example early generation prototypes

Load Cell Integration:


Ultra low profile aluminum housed In line 24 bit ADC with precision voltage reference and programmable gain amplifier for any full bridge strain gauge load cell such as S Type or Parallel Beam.

Weather Monitor:



High sample rate, accuracy, resolution, and fast response time for temp humidity and barometric pressure. Used for automated application of climate determined correction factors during experiment related measurements. Humidity sensors are notorious for slow response times. This sensor can detect change in humidity instantly


Pressure Transducer:



+- 100 millibar differential pressure transducer for industry specific fenestration testing applications. Contains high accuracy/resolution transducer from Honeywell. Performance guaranteed for millions of pressure cycles (including drastic over pressure cycles) with no need for calibration!!!!!! I2C supported. Pictured right is a weather station sensor sharing the same two data lines used to apply correction factors for pneumatic flow rate applications.

  • IP67 M12 molded over cables and panel mount connections along with internal interconnects have been finalized with production sourced.
    • In conjunction with the Inter-Integrated Circuit (I2C) serial bus, a male to female connector scheme allows for 127 measurement devices daisy chained in parallel using only two data lines and reducing cabling



Application Agnostic Data Acquisition Hub Module:



Final design pending. Pictured is M12 interconnects, open source electronics hardware, extruded aluminum housing with silicone rubber molded corners. Enclosure Design under development (current designs not yet depicted)

  • All IP67 rated construction for submersion impact and debris.
  • Extruded aluminum
  • Silicone rubber molded corners
  • CNC Machine case customization and silk-screen logo pending
  • IP67 rated USB port Pending

Lots and Lots of graphical Code integrating several development environments and platforms