Stealth Sumo Robot

Robot constructed during the spring 08 semester. Designed with a partner to perform in contest where the robot must autonomously stay inside a ring and knock out opponents. Major contributions include fabrication of the very light weight sleek aluminum body, casting tires, fabricating wheels, selecting motors, selecting sensors, wiring PIC, general packaging and wire harnessing. Playing field is a white square with a black tape perimeter; the robot uses IR sensors to read the black tape and turn around in order to stay inside. With this in mind the black blade in the front was fabricated and added to the design in order to trip the opponent’s sensors tricking them into walk out of the ring. Other design features included PWM, H-bridges, and nickel plated panels to deflect infrared light to avoid detection from opponents. The above pictures are taken with an incident beam in the dark with smoke and a high exposure; they demonstrate how the robot deflects IR light. Much time was spent meticulously mating every edge so that there is no more then a hair line gap at a given seam.